Spock will be used on most of the milking LaMancha herd in 2017.  

*B Sherry's Winn Linchpin


S: +*B Des-Ruhigestelle Winnemucca (90VEE)

  SS: ++*B Des-Ruhigestelle Eosef

  SD: SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Winseeker 3*M (93EEEE)

D: Sherry's C Lacee 10*M (88VEVV)

  DS: ++*B SG Sherry's Quince Interceptor (88VEE)

  DD: SG Sherry's Hector Lyra 9*M (89VEEE)

Iri was used extensively on the Saanen herd in 2016 so will only be used on dry yearlings in 2017.  

Linden Acres Bucks

Maddox will be used on the 2017 LaMancha kids.

Linden will be on lease to Sherry's Saanens in 2017 as he was in 2016.  

Autumn-Acres GV Spock


S:  Autumn-Acres Grand Venture

  SS: Willow Run WRP Sirius Black

  SD: Autumn-Acres Mia's Medley (88VVVV)

D: Autumn-Acres Strait's Nexus (91EEEE)

  DS: +*B Kastdemur's Up & Atom (91EEE)

  DD: Autumn-Acres Strait Tomy Heart (90EEVE)

*Spock's littermate sister, Nadia, was reserve champion at Nationals in 2016.  His littermate brother, Journey, is a herdsire owned by Iron*Hill.

+*B Forrest-Pride SB Linden AR2016

​  L1626320

+*B Sherry's BW Titan


S: +*B SG Kapra Vista LGI Boy Wonder

  SS: +B SG Laughlin's Grand Illusion (88VEV)

  SD: SG Kapra Vista Icon Wonder 8*M (91VEEE)

D: SG Sherry's SSVS Tonya 8*M (85+VVV)

  DS: ++*B Singing Spruce Vermillion Sun (87VEV)

  DD: SG Sherry's C Tullia 7*M (87VVEV)

Titan will be used on some dry Saanen yearlings in 2017.  

Linchpin is on lease from Sherry's Saanens for 2017 and will be used on the milking Saanens.

Zurich will be used on the 2017 Saanen kids.  

Iron*Hill Fame Maddox


S:  Hoosier Harvest Hall of Fame

  SS: Autumn-Acres Rise & Shine

  SD: Kastdemur's Silver Lining

D: Autumn-Acres Miss Madeira (83++A+)

  DS: *B South-Fork AV Hurricane

  DD: Autumn-Acres Miss Marmalade (92EEEE)

S: +*B Forrest-Pride Special Blend (87 VVV)

  SS: +*B Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Tiny-Tim 

  SD: SGCH Forrest-Pride WW Diva Beyonce 6*M (92EEEE)

D: SG Mercyfarms JCL Jackie 1*M (88+EVE)

  DS: *B Ozark Highlands Jack Sparrow

  DD: Mercyfarms DZ Cloe


 FOR SALE   $400

*B FSF Bentley Zurich *Young Sire Development Program*


S: +*B SG FSF Irwin Bentley (81+EE)

  SS: +*B SG Old-English Irwin (90VEE)

  SD: SGCH FSF SVP Mercedes 10*M (91VEEE)

D: SG FSF Big Zeta 2*M (88VVEV)

  DS: +*B SGCH FSF Vendicator Sir Bigelow (90VEE)

  DD: SGCH FSF Cosmo Las Vegas 1*M (91VEEE)

+*B Forrest-Pride Captain Ahab AR2016 *Elite*


S: SG South-Fork Toi Soldier (91EEE)

  SS: ++*B SG Redwood Hills Beau Charmer 

  SD: SGCH South-Fork Toi Dancer 4*M (91EEEE)

D: SGCH Forrest-Pride Pry Monster Moby 4*M (92EEEE)

  DS: SG Red-Dragon Nyp Pryderi

  DD: SGCH Forrest-Pride V Cookie Monster 3*M

*ADGA Registered LaMancha and Saanen dairy goats

​*Irish Wolfhounds

Ahab will be bred to a select few LaMancha does in 2017 as we used him extensively in 2016.  

Picture coming soon!

*B Sherry's Clyde Iri


S: +*B SG Companeros Stand Out Clyde (90EEE)

  SS: ++*B SG Cherrypines Stand Out (91EEE)

  SD: SGCH Companeros PR Cloudy 3*M (92VEEE)

D: SG Sherry's Hot Ilse 11*M (78F++V)

  DS: ++*B SG Ranea Hotspur

  DD: SG Sherry's Frost Issy 10*M (89VEEV)

 ​We currently raise both ADGA registered La Mancha and Saanen dairy goats. As a commercial dairy, our milk gets sold to Saputo in Lancaster, WI.  We also DHIA test the herd monthly.  Last whole herd negative CAE test 10/17.


We are now taking buck & doe reservations for 2018 kids.  The following buck kids are available:



​Sherry's Dallas Poblano 14*M (AS1636747) x *B Sherry's Winn Linchpin (AS1723273)

Poblano's 2017 lactation: 3-09 305 3737 3.0 113 2.7 101 ​ONE buck kid available born 1/26 



​Linden Acres Butterscotch 2*M (L1673019) x Autumn-Acres GV Spock (AL1705482)

Butterscotch's 2017 lactation: 2-11 305 3585 2.4 85 2.9 105   ONE buck kid available born 1/31




December 2017 Elite List goats in our herd:


+*B Forrest-Pride Captain Ahab AR2016 (L1497878)


Minny Meadows ID Suncrisp 1*M (L1640211)

Suncrisp's 2017 lactation: 3-09 305 3610 2.8 101 3.0 109


Linden Acres AB Amy (L1766971)

   Amy's 2017 lactation to date: 1-01 247 1893 3.3 63 3.3 62


Linden Acres Delacour (AS1720164)

   Delacour's 2017 lactation to date: 1-11 301 3517 2.8 98 2.8 100